Head in the Clouds? AeroFS Looking to Challenge File Sync Market

Are you getting the file sync capability you want? Worried from time to time about the costs for how much data you can sync?

New kid on the block Air Computing Inc is looking to make a radical change to cloud-based file syncing through its AeroFS where you don’t have to use a central server that has a file storage quota. When AeroFS is installed you share a folder with a colleague or friend and each computer finds the other on the cloud. It doesn’t matter either if firewalls are set up. Then, through an encrypted link, you can start receiving and sending files directly.

Effectively there is no space limitation for data syncing; it depends on how much free space you have on your computer. AeroFS is a peer-to-peer file system, so devices talk directly to each other and don’t need a middleman server. The software is completely distributed, so if there’s any downtime at the company it won’t affect you. If you still want access to server-based sync, AeroFS will be providing that too.

Security for each computer running the software consists of a 2,048-bit RSA that the company certifies as authentic, and a mutual authentication happens between two computers when they communicate.

AeroFS is currently in closed beta mode, but has given PCWorld a number of invitations for its readers. The company plans to open the beta for the general public when it’s ready. It could be an ideal solution for effective file sync, especially for sensitive files, without the need for that central server.

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