RCN and TiVo’s new Home Solution

The Washington D.C. area has been selected for the initial rollout by RCN Telecom Services of the Whole Home Bundle by TiVo. It’s being pushed as the ‘whole home solution’ and the monthly package delivers the four tuner Premiere Q and a Preview Extender.

At the moment you won’t get features like pausing live TV, but word is that early next year there will be the capability to start recordings remotely on the Q. Users will then be able to press record, pause and then rewind, and can also fast forward freely.


Although the Preview box has yet to hit retail, it shouldn’t be long coming. If you need four tuners in your TiVo, you can pick up the Premiere Elite, which has a bigger hard drive.
The four tuners of the TiVo Premiere Q will let you record four shows at the same time as watching another recorded program, and there’s up to 75 hours of HD programming available for recording. If you’re an RCN subscriber you’ll be able to watch traditional television as well, with the new home solution being built of TiVo’s HD user interface.


The Preview set-top box is ideal for the bedroom, as it’s small and quiet, and you can access a whole range of services as well as sharing music or photos. The box lets you stream recordings from the DVR to multiple rooms over your home network, and it will be interesting to see how the new kit pans out in the D.C. area and where RCN and TiVo will head for next.


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