WHS 2011 gets Add-In ISO Mounter from electrongoo

Electrongoo ISO Mounter ScreenshotA new software add-in for Microsoft Home and Business server has been launched by Nevada-based software techno electrongoo. The add-in lets you mount ISO files that are stored on your server, so you can view them directly through the server’s folder share. The images can be viewed on all your laptops and PCs.

The ISO Mounter removes the hassle, if hassle it is, of burning ISO images onto hard DVD and CD media, and also gets rid of adware and toolbars.

The new add-in supports both Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Home Server v1, as well as Windows Small Business 2011 Essentials and Storage Server 2008 R2. For easy administration, ISO Mounter integrates directly into the server console/dashboard, and the file system browser lets you search and then manually select the ISO file you want.

Mounted ISO files will show up in the server folders as read-only, browsable folder and the files will persist across server reboots.

If you’ve got Microsoft MSDN or TechNet accounts, then you’ll be used to downloading in an ISO format, burning to disk and installing. This alternative way of viewing and installing software straight off your WHS hard drive could take away the need for DVD/CD media and their associated optical drive, with implications too for freeing up physical storage space.

ISO Mounter also has a quick-launch feature, so you can view the contents of your ISO files directly from the dashboard, and has and easy-to-view heads-up status display that monitors status.

electrongoo focuses on multiple platforms, including Windows Home Server, Small Business Server, Windows Mobile, Apple iPhone, and Android.


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