Yahoo iPad App Attack on the Media Stack

Yahoo Into Now Icon

First it was the smartphones for Yahoo’s neat IntoNow app and now it’s launched for the iPad to aim at the ever-increasing media-stacking audience. The original app was launched for Android and iPhone early in 2011 and so Yahoo says, has had well over 1.5 million downloads. The move onto iPad seems like a good plan to up the share of second screen space for the company, as the search for ever more relevant content gets sharper and more focused.

If you’re not plugged in to IntoNow, then it’s worth taking a little time to check out exactly what it does. The app identifies what you are watching using audio fingerprinting technology, which identifies TV clips, live or recorded, and then displays related content. It also gives personalized recommendations and makes it possible to have dialogue with friends. By connecting to Twitter you can get a handle on what friends think in real time about the TV program you are watching, so you don’t need to be in the same room, building, district or even state to get involved in the chat.

There’s some competition out there, with both Shazam and on the iPad already, but with Yahoo positioning itself to gain market share and with its strong relationships and links with mega media companies and with advertisers, it’s looking to add value to the user experience to make IntoNow the app of choice for social media interaction.


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