Ameba Launches on LG Smart TV

“It’s the content, stupid!” as Bill Clinton and his assorted politicos might have said if they’d ever thought with any imagination about the digital economy. They might have added “And don’t forget about the kids,” something LG Smart TV can’t be accused of doing following its hook-up with Ameba, the IPTV company headquartered in Winnipeg.

The official launch of Ameba on the platform is in the USA and Canada, and may well prove very attractive to parents and carers as the content is free of commercials and has a stack of award-winning children’s shows available on demand.

Aimed squarely at kids and tweens aged from two years to 12, Ameba’s content library spans preschool, educational, music and multi-language programs from producers such as Casablanca Kids, Decode Entertainment, Breakthrough New Media, NCircle Entertainment, Marble Media and Genuine Pictures, with plenty more independents in there too.

Ameba has also recently acquired a range of other partners and programming for its kids TV, which includes HGagnon, who produce Alien Zoo, Monkey Monkey Music and Traveling Stone); Turmeric Media, whose Talkie Time is a popular feature; and Addictive2 Music, with its English and Spanish versions of Tree Top Sisters.

Ameba CEO Tony Havelka is certainly happy about the LG Smart TV link up. “We are excited by the growth of Ameba over the past year and energized by the growing list of smart TV providers that support our content library,” he says. “We have become a multi-platform service giving children access to great kids TV content no matter where they are.”

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