Pogoplug Mobile Makes Streaming to and Backing Up Your Smartphone or Tablet a Breeze

Looking for a drop-dead simple solution for streaming media (photos, music, video) and accessing files from home on your smartphone or tablet? Or how about backing up your smartphone’s recently taken photos and video? Well, Pogoplug’s new $79 Pogoplug Mobile product offers to do just that. Similar to the original Pogoplug that transforms your external USB hard drive into a NAS home server, Pogoplug Mobile can accept a USB drive and/or (new) an SD card for storage. And soon Pogoplug’s refreshed Android and iOS apps will automatically backup all photos and movies taken on your phone to your Pogoplug at home. Note: this app is also your server’s file navigator and media viewer (should also work with the original Pogoplug devices). Downside: only one USB port and SD card slot are available. No Wi-Fi, just Gigabit Ethernet connectivity — which probably isn’t a bad thing. Availability: October 1, 2011 online and possibly soon at Verizon and Best Buy in the mobile aisle.

Pogoplug Mobile includes a number of key features:

  • Stream entire libraries of music, movies and photos to an iPhone, iPad, or Android device
  • No storage limits
  • No need to re-download the same content to multiple devices
  • Permanent storage and backup of all photos and videos taken using the mobile device
    • On Android, automatically back up photos and movies from your hand-held device to your Pogoplug Mobile wirelessly. Content trickles back to Pogoplug Mobile in the background with no action required by the user
  • Pogoplug Mobile device works seamlessly with the Pogoplug desktop software and Pogoplug mobile apps (iPhone, iPad and Android 2.2 and later)


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