Connect Your Mac or PC to Your Stereo Wirelessly with playGo USB

We’ve covered products like BICOM’s playGo USB adapter in the past (here’s one for $36), but this unit is a bit different. The playGo USB connects to your Mac or Windows PC via USB (as the product’s name suggests) and then is able to transmit the audio on the best available channel to its stereo-connected receiver(s) over a 2.4Ghz frequency (range 75-feet). The receiver provides both analog (RCA) and digital (TOSLINK) connections, as well as capacitive touch controls for Power, Pause/Play, Track Back/Forward, and Volume Up/Down. Note: up to four receivers can work with one PC-connected transmitter for multi-room purposes. Price for the duo and its bundled cables: $449 (sale: $399). [via]

Top of the line digital output

  • 24-bit/96khz digital spdif output (TOSLINK), 192kHz option
  • Burr-brown SRC4192 sample rate converter
  • Clock regeneration for jitter-free clocking
  • Distortion-free volume control (256 step 0dB to -127.5dB digital attenuation)

Audiophile quality 2-channel analog output

  • 24-bit/96khz digital to analog conversion
  • 106dB dynamic range
  • -93dB THD+N
  • 2V output
  • Gold plated RCA connectors

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