Netflix May Introduce a Family Plan and VOD Rentals

Currently, subscribing to Netflix with one account has worked well for individuals, couples, and small families in a household. However, Netflix has, for a while now, been considering offering subscribers a Family Plan to expand their current capabilities. The advantage with this setup is that users will have their own individual accounts that Netflix can track and provide recommendations on separately. In addition, the Family Plan will give households the ability to tap multiple streams per each logged in user. Sounds reasonable. Will this convenience makes sense to families financially… who knows? I’m guessing if the family plan costs approximately the amount of two individual accounts, but provides access for up to five, it may work. Another addition Netflix is likely also considering, according James McQuivey at Forrester, is new/current release VOD rentals, which will help fill the gap physical discs currently provide and give Netflix an additional revenue stream. [via]

Question to readers: How likely are you to rent new releases onDemand from Netflix, if they provide it as an option, as part of your monthly subscription?

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2 Reactions to “Netflix May Introduce a Family Plan and VOD Rentals”

  1. Joseph Huddleston says:

    VOD from netflix? Does this mean everything will be streaming or are tehy gonna set it up for stream and then remove it when they can mail the DVD?

    • The scenario I envision is that they’ll have the latest movies available for streaming for a price alongside their current free to access movies. Something seamless like that would work, if it’s labeled properly in the catalog. It also only makes sense if you’re subscribed to a streaming-only plan.