Google Finally Lets Loose Its Google TV Add-on for Android App Development

Color me surprised. We knew Google had design guidelines for HTML5-based apps optimized for Google TV. And the company talked a good game at Google I/O this past May about how future Android apps will recognize and reformat themselves on the fly for large TV displays. Well, today we’re learning that Google has finally given Android developers the tools, in the form of a Google TV add-on, that enhances the Android SDK that they rely on to build apps. Amazingly, this is what… a few weeks or months before the next release of Google TV gets pushed out? No wonder the Android Market in the Beta version of Google TV Honeycomb we got a sneak peek of looked so bare. Developers interested in the add-on can grab it here. Users interested in something mind-blowing on Google TV by year end can just put those hopes aside.

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