Netflix App Hits the Chrome Web Store (Limited to Chrome OS on Linux)

Good news and bad. Netflix is now available as a web app for Chrome OS through Google’s Chrome Web Store [Twitter announcement]. Bad news is that it does not support other Linux-based operating systems that can run Google’s Chrome browser at the moment. The web app also appears to be working fine with Windows and Mac OS X as well. Something tells me Netflix is going to be getting an earful from the Linux community until this is resolved. Honestly, it’s quite a disappointment for those of us on Linux who have been waiting patiently for the company to show us some love. What’s curious is… how is this web app working on Chrome OS? Did Chrome OS get Silverlight plugin support and this is the reason other Linux distros aren’t supported? Quick way to check on the Cr-48 Chromebook — type about:plugins in the address bar.

UPDATE 1: my Cr-48 with the latest Chrome OS update shows a plugin called Netflix – Version: 1.0.2 (it comes direct from Google). Next step… see if some Linux hackers are able to copy this particular Chrome plugin from a Chromebook and install it to their Chrome running Linux distro of choice.

Location: /opt/google/chrome/pepper/
MIME type: application/x-ppapi-netflix Netflix 1.0.2

UPDATE 2: Looks like the Netflix plugin is built using Google’s new Native Client / Pepper Plugin API (PPAPI)

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7 Reactions to “Netflix App Hits the Chrome Web Store (Limited to Chrome OS on Linux)”

  1. David Tigue says:

    This is the biggest load of bullshit ever. If it can work on one version of Linux (ChromeOS) then why can’t it work in all versions of Linux running the Chrome browser. Netflix needs to get their shit together and get it done.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If someone could upload that it would be incredibly easy to get it to work on other Linux operating systems. 

  3. Corn Fry says:

    Seriously, at this point we’ve gotten far beyond the lip service they’ve been giving us for years about why it just *can’t* work on Linux, and have now moved on into what is obviously a concerted effort to keep it off of the Linux desktop. I mean, c’mon, it’s now running on every Linux platform known to man EXCEPT for a standard Linux desktop. We have ChromeOS, Android, roku’s, Wii’s (which use linux under the hood as well), etc etc etc.


  4. Ezequiel P says:

    There will never be a linux netflix app as long as netflix’s CEO is part of Microsoft”s Board..

    In my country this is called CORRUPTION..

    One member accepting bribe (Or a position) in another company to block competition..