MUST SEE: BBC’s Revamped iPlayer for PS3 and other Connected Devices

It’s hard to be impressed by TV apps these days. Most developers do a horrid job of making things intuitive and easy for end-users to navigate with a standard remote. Enter BBC’s new iPlayer HTML5/CE-HTML app. The team at BBC have put in a lot of thought on what a TV-optimized web app should do, function, and look. Below are the highlights of what’s new and what makes this app special. My favorite features are its ability to store previous searches for quick access, simplified browsing, and the ability to navigate other available content while watching a show. Plus, the backend technology that makes it work on a variety of browser compatible devices just hits a sweet spot that many will appreciate. [via]

Personalisation is a great tool to bring the most relevant nearer. If you’ve already started watching something, you’ll find it right there at the top level, under Last Played. We know searching is the preferred way to find content for many people and if you’ve successfully searched for something before you don’t need to type it in again: its there under Previous Searches. But even if you haven’t searched for a programme before, the process is now a lot more intuitive. Results start to pop up quickly, based on any part of the title, taking into account factors like popularity and typing errors.

We’ve also brought BBC iPlayer Favourites to the TV. Compiling a list of shows that you like best has proven popular on the PC and we think it will be appreciated even more on TV where getting around is that bit harder.

Wherever we can, we’ve tried to avoid the need to run the entire length of the browsing process, such as the ability to with just one click find related shows and access your Favourites while you’re watching something else. It’s the on-demand equivalent of channel flipping.

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