No Streaming-only Service from Comcast on the Horizon

Comcast’s CEO told analysts earlier this week that the company has no plans to offer a streaming-only service to non-subscribers which could theoretically run on the Boxee Box or Roku. The CEO makes clear that previous efforts like “proved unprofitable.” It’s worth pointing out, though, that a free service like Fancast is different than an IPTV service that folks could subscribe to that’s not cable-based. In fact, Comcast is rolling out similar services as add-ons to their existing plans with its TV Everywhere and Xfinity TV offerings. Basically, Comcast would rather have you subscribe to a cable TV plan and then see you make use of their various methods of accessing content — be it on your tablet, PC, or Smart TV (pictured here).


In other news… CBS found that licensing their content to third-parties like Netflix for streaming has proven extremely profitable. As such, you’re more likely going to leverage Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, and Netflix in the future as a non-cable subscriber. Hopefully more TV networks will follow suit.

CBS Corp. Aug. 2 said new licensing agreement for the digital streaming of select library titles contributed to its entertainment division increasing second-quarter (ended June 30) operating income to $440 million, nearly double the $223 million operating profit during the previous-year period.

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