Sewell Intros a IR Remote Extender That Piggybacks on Your HDMI Cable

What a clever idea! For $44.95, Sewell has a new IR remote extender called InjectIR that attaches to both ends of your HDMI cable connected to your TV and set-top box. The adapter that connects to the TV side provides a cable with an IR receiver and the adapter connected to the set-top box functions as a IR emitter for all your tucked away devices. Amazingly, all commands pass through your existing HDMI cable. [via / via]


The Problem

When you install your HDTV on a wall, or when you wish to hide your video source devices in another room or closet, you break the line-of-site view of your video devices that the remote controls rely on. This requires you to get an IR extender that can route your remote’s IR signal directly to your source devices

The Solution

Sewell’s InjectIR is probably the most reliable and most easy-to-install solution on the market. Unlike other wired solutions, you don’t have to run an additional cable through the wall, you can use the existing HDMI line. Unlike wireless extenders, this solution will be guaranteed to work 100% of the time on all brands of devices and remote controls.

How This Works

The Sewell InjectIR uses the unused CEC channel of your HDMI cable run to send the IR signal through it (CEC channel is used only for certain HDTVs that can send control commands to your video sources, so if you use CEC, you don’t need to extend your remote controls). The unit has a switch that allows you to switch between IR injection and CEC channel use.

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