SageTV Front-end App Coming Soon to Boxee

I guess that’s one way of adding DVR functionality to the Boxee Box! A group of unaffiliated SageTV developers are reportedly testing a front-end app for Boxee that will pull in recorded and live TV content from your TV-tuner equipped SageTV Windows, Mac, or Linux PC. Obviously, this is good news for those who previously purchased a copy of SageTV. Not so good for those who are now left out in the cold after Google bought the company up and stop selling the software. In any case, it’s interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if we see a Comcast app of sorts that will allow users to tap their provider’s networked set-top box for multi-room viewing in the future (see: Xbox + AT&T U-verse). Hey, Boxee biz dev… that’s something you may want to get working on!

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