On Second Thought… Logitech’s Revue Price Reduction May Be a Brilliant Move

I may have been a little harsh when I learned that Logitech decided to reduce the price of their Revue with Google TV device to $99 — noting that it’s been a bad seller and has cost the company financially the past couple quarters. Like everyone else I’m a little disappointed by the progress Google has made with the platform. But if you step back and see what you’ve really got here, you’ll see the Logitech Revue is a heck of deal for a product that’s nowhere near its end of life cycle. What’s more, how do we know Google isn’t subsidizing the price difference to make the Logitech Revue affordable for all at $99? Logitech is not like Microsoft who has the reserves to take a loss on a hardware platform like the Xbox to eventually see it succeed. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some backroom deal here with Google.

What we’ve got and have to look forward to:

  • The company has stated the Revue will be getting the next version of Google TV based on Android Honeycomb 3.1 within the next few months (possibly as early as this month)
  • The hardware specs [iFixit teardown] are comparable to the $229 Boxee Box (street price: as low as $194) and is more robust than the latest Apple TV
  • The Revue supports HD video chat on your TV, lets you browse the web on your TV, offers smartphone remote apps, can support USB file playback, and can overlay live TV to control your provider’s set-top box
  • Support for Android Market is coming in the next Google TV release which will include support for third-party Google TV apps

Basically, you can either write-off Google TV now, or go all in at this price point in hopes that Google TV’s next update will do everything you hoped for and more. We should know the answer to this by year’s end.

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1 Reaction to “On Second Thought… Logitech’s Revue Price Reduction May Be a Brilliant Move”

  1. Spiro T says:

    I don’t think this is a marketing plan or subsidy from Google to promote a product.  That’s very unlike any previous products they have released.  Point in case, the release of their Nexus series phones.  Unfortunately, the idea was half baked and the development stifled.  If there are notes of continued production then I would have to reconsider.