Hulu Plus May Go Ad-free for a Price

Good catch by our friends at GigaOm. @hulu_support just tweeted that they are considering an ad-free version of Hulu Plus. Currently, Hulu Plus costs $7.99/mo, but its larger archive of movies and TV shows is sprinkled with ads. No word, of course, when the option may become available, but it begs the question: How much would you pay for ad-free Hulu access? My 2-cents: If no one scoops up Hulu (remember, it is up for sale), this may be the right move to keep Hulu in the black and attract more subscribers — that plus expanding its movie offering with current titles.

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3 Reactions to “Hulu Plus May Go Ad-free for a Price”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nothing new here; they’ve mentioned this before.

    • I know people have been hoping for such an option, but I’ve never seen an actual person from Hulu signal that it was a possibility. Got a link to an earlier reference from Hulu themselves?

  2. Kenneth May says:

    Maybe if I could play it though my Apple TV2 or at least through Air Play