Nielsen Survey Reveals How People Prefer to Use Hulu vs. Netflix

Kudos to Nielsen. The company has conducted a survey which reveals how people actually use Hulu and Netflix. Not surprisingly, people like watching TV shows on Hulu (73%) and movies primarily via Netflix (53%), which makes sense since Hulu is made up of TV network content (well, at least a majority of it is) and Netflix has always been about movie rentals and streaming.

What is surprising, though, is how people consume the content. As you know, both Hulu and Netflix are accessible on a variety of ‘net-connected TVs, media streamers, etc. So, it’s interesting to learn that 89% of people like watching Hulu content directly on their computer. While Netflix users prefer viewing longer form content on the big screen with help from a variety of TV connected devices.

Considering that there’s so many options for getting IP-based content on your TV, it’s nice to know that the humble HTPC is still alive and kicking. Nielsen found that 14% of Netflix and 20% of Hulu users find this method works best for them. Oh, and here’s another shocker… both Apple TV and Google TV made up only 1% of the user base for both services. Roku players made up 3% and 5% for Hulu and Netflix respectively. As you can see in the chart above, the game console is king in over-the-top solutions.

* Methodology: Nielsen completed more than 12,000 online interviews in March 2011, focusing on usage and attitudes for over-the-top video, particularly Netflix and Hulu.

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