Microsoft Is Taking IPTV Serious on the Xbox As Evidence by Its New Media Remote

Besides the new, slim Bluetooth headset you may have seen on some of the gadget and gaming sites this week, Microsoft also unveiled a new Xbox 360 Media Remote. It, of course, has buttons the mimic the A, B, X, Y buttons and D-pad navigation of the controller, but it also provides TV remote functionality like power on/off, volume up/down, mute and TV input and media playback controls. It has been designed to work with your Xbox 360 compatible TV service provider like AT&T U-verse, partner TV channels, or partner “virtual cable operator.” The remote is expected to be available November 2011 and will retail for $19.99. Makes you wonder what Microsoft has coming down the pike, no? Also, if you haven’t noticed, the remote lacks Windows Media Center’s famous “green button.” [via]

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