Access to ‘Next-day’ FOX TV Shows Online Will Require Authentication Starting August 15, 2011

It seems to some out there the sky is falling. FOX has just announced that they will require users on to provide their current cable/satellite TV subscription service details in order to watch new episodes online the next day (Hulu Plus subscribers will be extended the same courtesy). However, non-subscribers will continue to have access 8 days after an episode’s initial airing (much like other networks that wait a few days before making them available online). I can see why this would be an inconvenience for those who’ve gotten accustomed to viewing content free the next-day without restrictions, but I can also see this as being a smart move on FOX’s part to provide a perk to their content distribution partners. The bugger here, in this setup, is that users will have to provide their subscriber account login details (really, just your current username and password after you’ve selected your provider from the list) every 30 days to confirm the account is still active. Full details at Note: this is the first broadcast TV provider to attempt this.

So, what do you think? Hate the inconvenience or do you like the fact you’ll have special access to content as part of your TV subscription? I wouldn’t be surprised if FOX unlocks a show’s archive to authenticated subscribers in the future.


  • TV subscription
  • The network you are trying to watch must be included in your service
  • Please note: Not all networks are available at this time. Some networks are open only to preselected participants

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