Behold Sonos’ New Play:3 Speaker

We got a sneak peek of the Play:3 last week (courtesy of Amazon) and the product became official just a couple days later. Now Sonos has pumped up their marketing arm and produced the following showcase video of the $299 Play:3 speaker. One thing that we didn’t know earlier is that the Play:3 can be paired with another Play:3 speaker to create a “real” stereo experience with dedicated left and right channels. The speaker can also be placed vertically, if one chooses as well. Really, nothing mind-boggling new. But one thing that did occur to me… if you wanted to go the dual speaker route, say, in your living room or den, you might be better off with the $100 more expensive Play:5 — a pair of Play:3 speakers will cost you $598 ($299 + $299). Whichever way you decide to go, you’ll still need to pick up a $49 Sonos Bridge to create a wireless network of speakers.


  • Sonos HiFi sound: 3 integrated speakers and 3 dedicated digital amplifiers provide crystal-clear, wall-to-wall sound.
  • Innovative, smart-directional design: Internal sensor detects if the speaker is positioned vertically or horizontally and modifies the speaker’s output to ensure clean, balanced, room-filing sound in any position.
  • Multi-room: Put several PLAY:3s around your home and enjoy perfectly synchronized all-over-your-home music.
  • Stereo pairing: Add two PLAY:3s to the same room and enjoy even bigger sound with each playing a dedicated Left or Right channel.

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