Orb Live for iPhone Released, Brings PlayOn Style Entertainment to Your Phone without Fees

If you remember back in November 2010, the folks at Orb decided to get into the hardware biz and released Orb TV, a $99 TV adapter that streamed media from your home PC running the company’s Orb Caster software. Well, now Orb is out with Orb Live [iTunes – different than the free version], an app for your iPhone or iPad (Android version coming in mid-August) that taps your PC from anywhere to give you all the same content (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, ABC, CBS, etc.) on your mobile. What’s more, Orb Live gives users features found in the company’s original Orb Live app — i.e. live streaming of any music files, online music (Pandora, Sirius, etc.), video files (downloaded DivX/XviD files, home movies, etc.) photos and more. So what’s the price of this gem? $9.99 (Orb Caster for your Mac or Windows PC is FREE). No additional fees or subscriptions required. Take that, PlayOn!

Aside: Orb has another offering that looks pretty sweet as well. It’s called Orb BR. Essentially, it’s a $19.99 Blu-ray disc that converts your PS3 (and soon any ‘net-connected Blu-ray player) into an Orb streaming and HDTV playback device.

Credit: Mobiputing

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