UltraViolet Promises ‘Just Works’ Digital Access of Movies and TV Shows to Your Registered Devices

UltraViolet is a new service that all the major content publishers and distributors are championing as a way to provide purchasers of disc-based movies and TV shows access to digital copies that can be streamed or downloaded to their registered devices — up to 12 in total per piece of media (you can even grant access to up to 6 members in a household). The service also includes digital media download purchases as well. Just look for the UV logo and one will be able to access their purchased media in digital form via their account.

It’s not clear how easy the whole process is — from the time you purchase to the time you hit play — but they say it will “just work”. UltraViolet uses the “Digital Locker” approach for media access, which I’m guessing means you’ll have to have a ‘net-connected app on your device or computer that will provided a managed catalog of all your media. It’s also unclear if the app will also be the playback mechanism in order to keep things locked down or if all that will be required is a special plug-in for your default/compatible player. From the text on their website, it sounds like hardware devices will also sport the UV logo, ensuring that your purchased content will play on the device out of the box.

So how do you all feel about this? Ready to give the keys to your media to an organization to manage and provide you access in exchange for convenience? This model has worked great for subscription services (think Netflix), but will it succeed with purchased media?

Mark Teitell, UltraViolet’s General Manager, commented: “Consumers are looking for a better value proposition to own and collect digital movies and TV shows–a proposition that provides downloads, streaming and physical copy viewing options which are accessible on multiple platforms. The initiation of UltraViolet’s business-to-business (B2B) licensing program represents another key step in the development and roll-out of this new ecosystem designed to respond to this consumer demand. Interest in UltraViolet has been robust and we are excited about the number of companies seeking to play roles in the delivery of Ultraviolet to consumers in the coming months.”

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