Blockbuster Entices Netflix Defectors with $9.99/mo 1 Disc At a Time, Unlimited In-store Exchange Plan

Have proof you’re a disgruntled Netflix subscriber? If yes, make your way over to Blockbuster’s landing page for a special promo and 30-day free trial. The company is offering a $9.99 a month 1 disc at a time plan that will give members access to new releases 28 days before the competition, access to games, and the ability to exchange a movie or game disc in-store for an unlimited number of times a month. Add $5 more if you want 2 discs out at a time. Bad news: this promo is only available to Netflix defectors and not new or existing members at this time (update below). Hey, Blockbuster! You better change that ASAP!

This special offer for Netflix customers is available through Sept. 15, 2011, in participating stores and at Blockbuster’s website.

In order to take advantage of this limited time promotional offer, outraged Netflix subscribers are encouraged to visit or bring in the tear-off from their Netflix mailer to a participating Blockbuster store. [press release]

UPDATE: Hahaha. Love it. I busted Blockbuster’s chops and they responded. New and existing members can also get the same deal!!!

Yep! Any new customer can use the link to get the special price/trial. Existing customers can call 1-866-692-2789 to switch

Aside: I noticed the other day that Blockbuster has a pretty sweet deal going on in-store with their 1-day rentals. Freshly released titles are $2.99, $1.99 for still pretty damn new, and $0.99 for older titles. Go check it out!

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  1. Ryan Peters says:

    Can anyone comment on their streaming quality?