What Would You Do with a Bluetooth Enabled Apple TV?

Rumor has it that iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch will allow it to pair with an Apple TV using Bluetooth — a feature currently disabled, but present. Perhaps even other peripherals could communicate with Apple TV at some point as well. So it begs the questions: Why? Apple seems to have a good thing going with AirPlay, allowing one to zap music, video and now games to the device. Would you really want to use a Bluetooth keyboard over your iDevice’s on-screen keyboard? Who knows…. Post your thoughts below on what Apple may have coming down the pike.

Thoughts by 9to5Mac

App support was rumored for inclusion in this second generation Apple TV, and perhaps bluetooth accessory and keyboard support is a sign of apps still coming to the television through Apple’s device. Additionally, the Apple TV – a competitor to the Google TV – could benefit from more built-in apps like the Safari web browser. Perhaps with this new bluetooth support, and already existing WiFi support, Apple is putting together a web browser for the Apple TV. Apple is also rumored to launch a faster Apple TV this fall with their dual-core A5 processor and 1080P video playback support. Perhaps this bluetooth support is only coming in this upgraded model – and perhaps we’ll be hearing more about Apple TV and more uses for it this fall.

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