Spotify: U.S. Will Get the Rolls Royce Version at Launch

Some marketing slides have leaked — now in the hands of AllThingsD — that detail how Spotify plans to take over the U.S. market. For one, Spotify makes clear that “nobody does free, on-demand, radio, MP3 retail, Facebook and iPod integration and subscription together.” True. They also say that no other music service will have the social integration they’ve negotiated with Facebook that will bring friends’ selections directly into people’s feeds with one-click listening access. I guess if you’re 15 that’s good. Jokes aside, Spotify, from all appearances, looks like a serious threat to all the established players currently in market. Their goal is to have 50 million subscribers in its first year. To accomplish this, Spotify plans on coming in heavy with ads, social, and media partnerships to get the relatively unknown company (at least in the U.S.) in the spotlight. I find it humorous that Spotify’s PR folks note that people’s 2 year wait, here in the U.S., for the service as a positive.

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