Demand for Tablets Not Quite As Strong As Recent Media Hype Suggests, Says IDC

No, really?! According to IDC, media tablet shipments to sales channels fell by 28% in the first quarter of 2011. Total units shipped worldwide was estimated to be: 7.2 million. It’s not a bad number, but IDC was surprised that “seasonal trends typically found in more mature consumer electronics and computing categories had a notable impact on the burgeoning media tablet market.” Guess IDC hasn’t figured out that tablets are a “luxury” item — as in… not a necessity. In any case, iPad sales remained strong — though shipments for the quarter were “well below expectations” — and competing tablets had trouble getting traction with consumers. On a brighter note, sales of tablets at telco carriers were brisk, but shoppers often balked at having to sign up for long-term 3G/4G data plans.

“Although media tablet sales were not as high as expected in 1Q11 due to slower consumer demand, overall economic conditions, and supply-chain constraints, we believe with the entrance of competitive new devices in second half of 2011, the market will sell close to 53 million units for the year and continue to grow long-term,” said Jennifer Song, IDC Research Analyst.

So, are you still hot for tablets or are you waiting for prices to come down and the offering to get better before you jump in? Would love to see a firm do an in-depth survey on why one would or would not buy media tablet.

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2 Reactions to “Demand for Tablets Not Quite As Strong As Recent Media Hype Suggests, Says IDC”

  1. Anonymous says:

    OK, as in the first quarter that did not include Honeycomb, PlayBook, or IPAD 2 for more than a couple of weeks?

  2. Fabian says:

    Yeah, it is no doubt that this sales slump is due to the artificially high price tags being seen all ove the place.  Give me a quality unit priced at $199  and they’ll start flying off the shelf.