Connected TVs with On-Demand Content Access Present in 2 Out of 5 Households, People Still Prefer ‘Live’ TV, Though

This is interesting, though not all unexpected. Knowledge Networks has found that 47% of people, ages 13-64, they surveyed in April 2011 prefer watching live TV at its schedule time. 23% said they prefer DVR recordings, which I also assume means on-demand content as well from their TV provider or sites like Hulu. Another nugget is that Gen Y-ers show a strong preference for connected technologies, but they too, by almost two to one, enjoy their live TV sessions. Oh, and if one lives in a “capable but unconnected” TV home, only about 21% of those folks will eventually connect their TVs to their home network. Kind of surprising. Full report here (press release).

“Connected TVs are now clearly a mainstream technology if defined by presence in the home – but actual usage is a different story,” said David Tice, Vice President and Group Account Director at Knowledge Networks. “Finding ways to ‘turn on’ the installed-but-inactive population may be the key to growth in every area. One potential approach: Tap into the unmet needs of pay TV consumers, such as the ability to access web-like search tools and social media through their TV set.”

I guess that’s one take, referring to the quote above. The problem probably has more to do with people’s ability to connect and configure their TVs to the network (ease of use) and the content portal / interface / apps / input mechanism they’re provided with by the TV manufacture. Tweeting and search is nice, but it’s not the silver bullet.

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