Facebook Really Does Want to Enter the Social TV Space

Andy Mitchell, SVP of Strategic Partner Development at Facebook, pitched to attendees of PromaxBDA this past Wednesday, according to Adweek, that Facebook could become a partner to TV providers by helping their customers find relevant programming from a sea of 500+ channels by leveraging one’s social graph. In other words, Facebook would provide a real-time feed to broadcasters based on their friends’ TV show likes (and possibly check-ins). Mitchell sees this as a “real opportunity is creating a [TV] experience in which one or two or three of your friends share [their] viewing experiences,” he said which “get[s] people to become recruiters for your show.”

Mitchel may be right… but he might also be wrong. With all the Social TV apps available, I haven’t once been compelled to watch a show that a friend liked or rated in my Twitter stream. TV is personal. And like most things, your interests vary from someone else’s — even if they are your “friends.” However, seeing which shows are popular in my TV program guide amongst my friends may, in fact, get me to check out a show or movie that I’m not familiar with. What about you? What are your thoughts? Do you even care about the shows your “friends” are watching?

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