Peel Controls Your A/V Gear Using Your iOS Device and Its ‘Peel Fruit’ Networked IR Blaster

Yesterday we highlighted Dijit’s universal remote app and Bluetooth IR blaster accessory. Well, it turns out another company called Peel has been hard at work on a similar setup, though from all appearances they seem to be a bit further along. Like Dijit, Peel offers an IR blaster accessory (available at your local Apple Store for $99.95), but it does not rely on Bluetooth to establish a connection. The Peel team decided to create an accessory that receives commands from a transmitter cable that attaches directly to your wireless router’s Ethernet port, thus making initial setup a zero-config breeze. What’s more, being that it leverages Wi-Fi, the Peel controller can be used from just about any room in the house. Gotta like that! As for the app itself, Peel gives users both gesture controls (swipe up/down for volume, left/right for channel flipping) and virtual remote buttons. Peel also provides a unique content discovery mosaic (an EPG of sorts), personalized recommendations based on your likes, and includes sharing functionality to sites like Facebook and Twitter (unlike Dijit, though, there’s currently no Netflix integration).

Tough call… both offerings are looking pretty good. I’m curious to see how well Peel works at managing a handful of devices. It’s not clear how the interface adapts to each product’s abilities. However, Peel does state that video input switching on your TV is handled on the fly.


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