Dijit Wants to Be Your Smartphone’s Universal Remote App and More

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Dijit’s San Francisco headquarters. The small startup in a nutshell wants to turn your smartphone or tablet into a customizable universal remote. Sure, we’ve seen this kind of tech before, but Dijit has an interesting twist. The company has partnered with Griffin to sell a $79 Bluetooth IR blaster called Beacon — similar in size to a 2nd gen. Apple TV — that can shoot out an IR signal to control all your various A/V gear. Just place the adapter on your coffee table — or anywhere near your gear, really — and it beams your selected soft remote commands. And being that the adapter leverages Bluetooth, Dijit can theoretically work with any Bluetooth enabled mobile device, though Dijit currently only supports iOS at the moment (Android support is coming up next and I believe a proper iPad app is also in the works).

In the future, Dijit plans to beef up its current touch gesture controls, content discovery (EPG, show metadata, etc.), Netflix integration, and social TV features. In all honesty, from the quick demo I got, the app works but felt a little rough around the edges. However, even if you download the FREE app from the App Store and pick up the adapter (sold out as of this writing), you can see that Dijit has great potential (screenshots/features). We’ll just have to wait and see if the team can deliver on their long-term vision while making its core functionality of being a soft universal remote stand apart from the crowd.


Aside: One of the neat things that impressed me is that Dijit can auto-detect networked devices like a Roku Player, thus making it easy to enable and have a pre-configured remote ready to go. And if you’re remote template is not available you can create your own by pulling in commonly used widgets (as many or as few as you need). Oh, and one last thing… I just learned that Dijit can function w/o Beacon for controlling IP enabled devices.

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