ARCHOS Takes on Chumby, Unveils the 35 Home Connect

At first glance the ARCHOS 35 Home Connect looks like a Chumby competitor — it’s small, offers a touch display, and offers the ability to run apps. However, the 35 Home Connect is also a little different. For one… the display is only 3.5-inches and is saddled by two forward facing speakers. Two, it’s capable of video calling over Wi-Fi and doubling as a baby monitor or room surveillance camera (kind of neat). So, I guess if you’re looking for a table side alarm clock with the ability to tap 50,000+ Internet radio stations this would be a good option to consider — the device’s perks are limitless. FYI, the ARCHOS alarm clock application “brings users weather, traffic and news from the moment they wake up and features multiple alarms” and is able to be remotely controlled/accessed using an Android app.  MSRP is $149 and it should be out this September.

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