LaCie CloudBox Wants to Be Your Local Storage / Cloud Backup Server

LaCie is out with a new product that they hope will get backup procrastinators on track. The LaCie CloudBox is designed to protect up to 10 local Mac and Windows PCs and then have the contents of those password protected and 128-bit AES encrypted backups mirrored to the cloud in case something disastrous happens at home. The 100GB unit (MSRP $199) comes with 100GB of cloud storage access for the first year, but then requires one to renew the service for a small fee thereafter. So, yeah, pretty straightforward.

My 2-cents: this solution doesn’t offer enough storage to really handle the backup needs of multiple PCs — 100GB isn’t going to cut it (heck, Apple’s Time Capsule entry model is now 2TB). Plus, one can easily find backup & restore software that they can install on their PCs that will mirror the contents of the drive to a cloud backup service, thus negating the need for an external drive altogether.


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