Add Your Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs to Your ‘Personal Cloud’ with Pogoplug Software

Finding an easy way to share and access your files and media is always a challenge. Sure, you can pay a cloud service like Dropbox to host your files or setup a dynamic DNS to access your computer or NAS server remotely. But what if you could just install a piece of software on your computer that will allow you to access and playback your content, at no charge and with the storage capacity you already have available, from any web browser or mobile app? And what if that same software could provide a global view of all the available files from all your Pogoplug-enabled PCs and be able to stream those files to your game console or network media player or TV? Well, that’s what Pogoplug is now offering through its $29 Pogoplug Premium Software (one license works for all your PCs).

We say: take the free version for a spin and see if you like it. The only catch to this software-based setup, however, is that you can only access files from your Pogoplug-enabled computers while they’re powered up (just something to think about). Files from Pogoplug’s hardware products will always remain available.

Message to Pogoplug: if you support Linux, display it proudly on your download button and make platform packages, in addition to a software repository, available for folks to install — Dropbox does this… so can you.


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2 Reactions to “Add Your Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs to Your ‘Personal Cloud’ with Pogoplug Software”

  1. Greg Wishart says:

    I bought one of the first PogoPlugs when it looked like a wall wart, and bought one for my dad at the same time. He never could get the concept of it but it worked OK for me.

    I then got the new version (not because it’s pink) because it looked cool and I thought might have some extra features.

    Now there’s a software version which makes both of these obsolete!  I tried the software version and it works but it seems to have REALLY slowed down my PC. There’s a task in TaskManager called hdplug.exe that is constantly running and taking up CPU cycles. It’s probably scanning all my files, but it’s been going for days.

  2. Haven’t tested the software yet, but I can see how a background process could be hogging up the system’s resources. Does the app have the ability to update itself or provide a notification of some sort?