Consumers Want iPads, Not Tablets?

“Wall Street’s premier sell-side research firm,” Bernstein Research, has pretty much concluded that consumers want iPads from Apple, not tablets. Reason being, 50% of U.S. and U.K. respondents (sample size: 200) said their next tablet will be an Apple branded product. What’s more, respondents polled said they also prefer iPad’s 10-inch screen (actually 4:3 and 9.7 inches) than any other form factor. In a nutshell, they and AllThingsD believe the iPad will dominate the tablet space as the iPod did with MP3 players.

OK, everyone… lets pack it up. There’s no hope! Seriously, though… I’d take the results of this poll with a grain of salt — being that this is a research firm that swims in the same circles as the investment houses currently pimping Apple’s stock. Do I think Apple will continue to dominate? Yes. Will Apple’s iPad “own” the market like it did with the iPod? No — especially in light of Android’s tremendous growth.

It’s understandable that people would say they want an Apple branded product over a non-sexy electronics device maker’s. However, the questions that should have been asked (Or maybe they did? A link to the full report is MIA) are: Which OS? What price point? How do you plan on using it? I recently celebrated my birthday and was asked if I wanted a tablet. To which I answered: no thanks (I’m not at all interested in owning one at the moment). And as for the implication that by copying Apple’s formula is the only way device makers will have a chance to compete against the iPad, I say: that would be the stupidest thing for any of them to do. The answer to any buyer on the fence would always be: “Buy the iPad, if that’s the case.”

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