YouTube is King of Online Video; Netflix Leads in Paid Viewership?

AllThingsD has posted a graph produced by Citi Investment Research and Analysis which shows that YouTube is the king of online video when it comes to the number of eyeballs it gets on a daily basis (also just recently confirmed by comScore). Surprisingly, Facebook came in second to YouTube in the Citi survey — thanks to users sharing videos on the site with their friends (FYI, comScore has VEVO in second place). But one supposed fact that doesn’t seem all that clear to me is that Netflix is the top paid outlet for accessing premium content online — besting Hulu, iTunes (didn’t know iTunes allowed you to “watch video online” | download videos, yes), and Amazon. Sure, that sounds about right… but how true is that? Most Netflix users access online video content as a perk to their DVD rental service, while Hulu Plus users specifically purchase access to premium Hulu Plus content. It would be interesting — if it were possible — to see how many predominate and streaming-only subscribers Netflix has versus Hulu Plus. My guess, at this point, is Netflix still leads the pack in the number of people accessing content from Netflix compatible devices and browsers.

Aside: the comScore chart below is probably more accurate than Citi’s survey in terms of actual online video viewers per service.

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