Samsung’s New Smart View Android App Lets You Mirror TV to Smartphone and More

Wow, Samsung is on a tear with their Smart TV platform. They recently hit 5 million TV app downloads worldwide in less than 15 months and have now just launched a pretty innovative new Android app that sets Samsung even further apart from the competition. Called Smart View, the new Samsung Smart TV app allows Samsung GALAXY S II owners (additional Samsung product support to come) to mirror what’s playing on their Samsung Smart TV or connected Blu-ray player on their phone over Wi-Fi. What’s more, someone can watch one show while the Smart View user accesses a different channel. But that’s not all! Smart View users can access Smart TV apps loaded on the TV, use the app as a game controller, check TV listings, and even play/display what one is viewing on their phone to the TV. Amazing, right? Be even better if Samsung opened this up to all Android phones.

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