Ubuntu Reveals Its Intentions to Work with Smartphone Makers to Create ATRIX-like Dual Mode Devices

Here’s something juicy. Chris Kenyon, Canonical’s head of OEM services, told folks at Computex that the company is currently working with and wishes to talk to other smartphone makers in getting their devices to boot Ubuntu — the third most popular desktop OS — when their phones are docked into devices like the new ASUS Padfone or the faux-netbook Motorola ATRIX 4G Lapdock accessory. Kenyon believes Android doesn’t cut it for people who want to get actual work done on large screens. He believes “in a year [all smartphones] will have the ability to morph into different modes,” which opens the opportunity for Ubuntu to step in. Guessing you can say it’s the anti- “Post-PC” mentality. There’s no reason why a phone couldn’t support phone/tablet/PC mode. As an aside, ASUS just announced today that they will be shipping Ubuntu 10.10, with full multimedia codecs enabled and support for ASUS’ cloud services, on three of its netbook models to consumers this year, with more Eee PCs to follow (probably means nettops). Personally, I’d like to see ASUS’ sexy, new UX21 ultraportable ship with Ubuntu.

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2 Reactions to “Ubuntu Reveals Its Intentions to Work with Smartphone Makers to Create ATRIX-like Dual Mode Devices”

  1. Anonymous says:

    As long as this netbook does not come with the god awful version on Unity that shipped with 10.10 by default, that thing was slow. Update to Chrome and Firefox 4 and you have a lot of your bases covered already.Preinstall skype and Libre office and you would be just about good to go. The 11.04 version of the software centre in Ubuntu rocks! Add that too!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good move. I have Dell Latitude 2100 netbook which I bought with Ubuntu pre-installed, and now have installed Ubuntu 11.04 which works and looks great. BTW, I like the Unity interface.