Webian Shell Wants to Make Web Apps First Class Citizens on Your PC, Has Chrome OS in Its Sights

Below is a video demo of a new Mozilla Chromeless project called Webian Shell. Its main goal is to bypass the typical desktop environment and provide users with a new, more web app centric experience — all powered by technologies folks are familiar with: HTML, CSS, Javascript. My first thought when seeing the name was: this must be based on Debian (Linux). However, it’s not. Webian can be install on top of Windows, Mac, and Linux. Being that the developer is looking for feedback on the project. I’d say: make a Debian OS spin of this that launches straight into the Webian interface. That would make a lot more sense and have the added benefit of making the overall system lean and mean. In any case, it’s neat seeing some “new thinking” when it comes to desktop computing environments. [via]


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