AirPlay Add-in for Windows Media Center Released

Talk about a match made in heaven? A developer by the name of Thomas Pleasance has just released a new add-in that brings AirPlay support to Windows Media Center. According to Ian at The Digital Lifestyle, the add-in works seamlessly. Just install Apple’s Bonjour service beforehand and you’re good to go. From that point, any iOS device can see your Windows Media Center PC and zap content to it. Why this is great? Most Windows Media Center HTPC users watch TV via the interface and they won’t need to change video inputs, like with a media adapter, to view AirPlay sent content — it all works within the app. So far video and photos are supported with the current Beta 1 version. Ian says even YouTube videos through the iOS app work via AirPlay on Windows Media Center. Support for music is the only thing missing, but no doubt it’s being worked on.

It’s great way of being able to share videos and pictures from an iOS device to the TV using Media Center. Especially useful if you have some photos on your iPhone and you want to show them off on the TV. I was impressed how quickly video playback started, within seconds of selecting Windows Media Center Airplay option my Media Center PC was playing the video and without leaving Media Center at all. — Ian Dixon

Tip: for those none-iOS users, install Twonky Mobile on your Android device. It includes AirPlay support that should work with this setup.

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