Nielsen Finds ‘Tablets are TV Buddies while eReaders Make Great Bedfellows’

Deciding between an eReader and a tablet is a tough decision for most folks. Tablets provide all the functionality of an eReader through an app, while eReaders by design provide a more soothing reading experience for the eyes — not to mention they’re a whole lot cheaper and less energy demanding. So, if you’re still not sure which to get, Nielsen’s latest poll of nearly 12,000 connected device owners may help you decide — not by what’s most popular, but how people are using these devices and how you see yourself ultimately using yours.

Interesting poll takeaways: of those that owned a tablet, 30% used theirs as a second-screen device for browsing the web or accessing TV related apps while watching TV (only 20% of smartphone owners did the same). eReader owners, on the other hand, by a margin of 37% read while in bed compared to 21% of tablet owners. As you can imagine, there weren’t too many folks who thought it was practical to read a book or magazine on their eReader while watching TV. That number came in at 15% (who are these people?).

However, I noticed another interesting fact that a lot of the tech blogs seemed to have overlooked. Netbook adoption amongst connected device owners has actually grown more than tablets for the last four quarters. As an example, Q1 2011’s adoption rate for netbooks was 8.2% compared to 4.8% for tablets. What was that about tablets like the iPad being a netbook-killer again? It’s worth pointing out again that Nielsen’s poll sample is that of “connected device” owners, not a random general public sampling. Difference? This group is more technically savvy (like the readers of this site).

Credit: Nielsen, Hat tip: CNET

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