Verizon’s Flex View VOD Service Coming to Roku for Non-subscribers?

The rumor is Verizon is eyeing devices like the Roku player for reaching non-subscribers. My first thought was: “Wow, premium TV piped through an over-the-top player. That’s cool.” However, that’s not what this is. Flex View is a cross-platform VOD service current subscribers can access to rent movies. Verizon, according to NewTeeVee, is actually considering making Flex View available to all via over-the-top devices — with or without a subscription. As you can see in the image above, Verizon is already working on a FiOS TV app for Roku. If the company decides to open the gates to the public, the Verizion channel will become another VOD competitor (yawn). Personally, I’d rather see a premium TV offering instead on an over-the-top device — hopefully at a discounted price, with à la carte channel selections, and includes VOD access. How about you?

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1 Reaction to “Verizon’s Flex View VOD Service Coming to Roku for Non-subscribers?”

  1. There is no way that is an “official” FIOS app.  The logo was done with clip-art.