ARM to Become the Next Big Thing in Personal Computing

It seems the stars are aligning for proponents of ARM processors. We’re seeing them used in our mobile devices, network media streamers, TVs, and soon our laptops and desktops. IDC is predicting that 13% of computers by 2015 will be using them (related). We told you that the next version of Windows will support ARM (Ubuntu currently already does) and you already know that Apple acquired a company who designs ARM processors. Well, now we have a credible rumor that Apple is actually going to give Intel’s x86 32/64-bit chips the boot soon on their laptops. According to SemiAccurate’s “moles” at Apple, the roadmap looks something like this: Apple will launch a 32-bit ARM-based laptop in the next year or so (Me: doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense) and then a full fledge 64-bit capable ARM processor by mid-2013. The problem for Apple at this point is finding a manufacture that can help them produce these chips on a mass scale — they already pissed off Samsung and NVIDIA is no friend either. Interestingly, as I’m writing this post I just stumbled on another that claims Intel is interested in helping Apple fabricate their ARM processors. Really?!

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