RIM Demos BlackBerry PlayBook Android App Integration (Looks Great!)

Before I get started here… I’ve got tell you. No matter what the iPad-loving tech pundits tell you about the BlackBerry PlayBook, it’s one sweet device (starting price: $499.99). I handled one the other day and both the hardware and UI looked and felt exceptional (dare I say nicer than Honeycomb?) — though a bit small sporting the 7-inch display. Ok, with that said, BlackBerry PlayBook now has a new reason for everyone to like it just a bit more. RIM has updated BlackBerry App World on the PlayBook with seamless Android app catalog integration. However, the Android experience is run through something they call “Android Player,” which provides access to Android specific settings and is compatible with PlayBook’s gestures. Have a look for yourself in this video recorded by Engadget at BlackBerry World 2011.

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