CompuLab’s ‘Trim-Slice’ Tegra 2 Powered, Ultra-slim SFF PC Hints At What’s Next for PCs

Low power, high-performance ARM processors are all the rage these days. We’re seeing them in super tablets capable of outputting 1080p video and multitasking all at the same time. Last week we gave you a glimpse of the 1Ghz single-core BeagleBoard-xM, which hackers are using to run multiple ARM compatible operating systems on. Today, we’re seeing an OEM-ready device from CompuLab that sports a dual-core Tegra 2 processor with 1GB of memory, SSD storage, SD & Micro-SD card slots, 4 x USB ports, 1 micro-USB port, 1080p HDMI out, Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, and Dolby 5.1 channel audio. In other words, it’s a micro computing marvel. [via]

The Trim-Slice, as it’s known, comes pre-installed with Ubuntu (XBMC is just one click away) on an SD card or SSD depending on the configuration. Of course, one is able to load up any Linux-based OS of their choosing (Android can also be run on here). Word is the next version of Windows will be ARM compatible, so we may eventually see this type of computer being mass marketed. However, if you can’t wait ’til then, you can pick up a Trim-Slice directly from the manufacture today.


Available Configurations:

  • $199 “Barebones” model has no storage (but works with USB HDD/etc), no Wi-Fi (again, works with compatible USB dongle), and no OS.
  • $219 “Value” version adds a 4GB Micro-SD card for storage and a WiFi USB dongle. Ubuntu ARM comes pre-installed.
  • $319 “Pro” version sports a 32GB SSD, dual-head HDMI and DVI out, built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi module and comes with a USB bluetooth dongle. Ubuntu ARM comes pre-installed.

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