HP to Bring Cloud-based Music and Movie Service to the TouchPad

PreCentral is reporting that HP has sent VIP contacts a PowerPoint presentation which details features and functions being developed for the HP TouchPad, Veer, and Pre 3. Turns out that in that presentation HP also unexpectedly revealed its plans for a cloud-based music and movie service. Interestingly, the service will cache tunes most likely to be accessed by a user to their device and even let folks listen to tracks not yet purchased (though this part is kind of vague… could just mean that a subscription music service may be available). Will HP beat Apple and Google to the punch? Who knows? Whatever happens, though, this kind of offering will be the norm by next year.

PreCentral writes:

According to that slide, the TouchPad will come with a syncing solution built-in that utilizes cloud servers to sync and remotely store your music. More than that, it will leverage a “smart algorithm” to ensure that the music the user is most likely to listen to is cached locally on the device. This service will also allow TouchPad owners to stream music that they don’t yet own. There’s also mention that this service will allow you to stream music to HP smartphones, presumably once they too are updated to webOS 3.0 like the TouchPad.

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