Sneak Peek: Samsung’s New Ultra-thin GALAXY Tab 10.1 Android Honeycomb Tablet

If you remember, Samsung unveiled its GALAXY Tab 10.1 about a month before the iPad 2 launched — though it wasn’t ready for retail. So, anyway, after seeing iPad 2’s svelte figure, Samsung got a bit envious and decided that it would launch the tablet in an ultra-thin enclosure so it wouldn’t be outdone by Apple. Well, now we have a working demo of the new, new Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 (previously Samsung was showing off a mockup). As you can see, it appears to be incredibly light and thin. In fact, it’s so thin and glossy that the camera recording the video had trouble focusing on the device (not to mention… it makes the Motorola XOOM look archaic). And remember folks… Samsung has an identical version with a 8.9-inch screen in the pipeline. Decisions, decisions…. [via]


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