Wirelessly Connect Speakers to Your PC with Plugable’s $36 Wireless Audio Kit

We’ve seen a bunch of ways to wirelessly output audio from your PC to a stereo across the room, but none have looked as simple or inexpensive as the Plugable Wireless Audio Kit. Essentially, it’s a wireless receiver and USB dongle that connects to your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC without drivers. Just plug it into your computer, select the audio device in your audio options, pair the dongle and receiver, and you’ve got wireless audio from up to 50 meters away under line-of-sight conditions or about 10 meters with obstacles in between.

Funny thing… the receiver will “sleep” after 30 minutes when running off its AAA battery. However, if you pony up an additional $14.99 for the optional AC power adapter, the receiver will stay on indefinitely.


Aside: From the research I did on the company last night, when looking for a USB to DVI multi-monitor adapter, Plugable seems like a legit company who’s committed to supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux with their products. I’m most likely going to buy their USB 2.0 Universal Laptop Docking Station for my newly converted Ubuntu-powered Chrome Cr-48 notebook (script used) once Ubuntu 11.04 is released.


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