Samsung Demos Its Social TV Functionality and New Dual-sided QWERTY Remote

On one hand, I give credit to Samsung for innovating in the Smart TV space. On the other, I’m not sure what they’re thinking in terms of usability.

Apparently the same guy responsible for Samsung’s TV configuration screen got the task of designing the Social TV app in Smart Hub. I jest…. Of course, I really don’t know this for a fact. However, the whole setup process and remote key combinations make the whole process a bit off putting.

Perhaps these Smart TV makers should give the option for users to configure their TVs over the network via a web browser (like with a router or NAS), with the ability to create user profiles and such? It seems like it would be a better place to get started, no? Maybe in the future folks will use that same browser inteface to zap media from their computers to their TVs with a single click. What do you say Samsung?

On a brighter note, the Social TV app provides Facebook, Google Talk, and Twitter access. On-screen profile updates using the QWERTY remote. Along with the option to toggle between chatting/blogging, overlay, and hidden mode.



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