Geniatech’s Android TV Previews What Your Next ARM-based Google TV or XBMC Device May Look Like

Roving video reporter, Charbax, is in Shenzhen China covering an electronics fair where he came across a new ARM9 / Android-powered TV adapter by a company called Geniatech. The device sells for $70 in bulk and runs a modified version of Android 2.2. Android TV is capable of launching all the games and apps you would normally run on a smartphone, as well as a healthy assortment of audio and video formats, to an HDTV. It includes an ARM Cortex-A9 800Mhz processor, integrated Wi-Fi, 1080p via HDMI, multiple USB ports, SD card slot, upgradeable firmware, and will have the capability to load third-party platforms compatible with ARM processors. In other words, it theoretically could run the ARM port of XBMC and possibly, in the future, Google TV once the code becomes open source. Product page: Geniatech Android TV. FYI, a dual-core version is planned for release in Q3 2011.


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