Conspin ANDI-ONE Universal Wi-Fi / IR / RF Controller Runs Android Apps, Handles Your Home Theater Gear

Using a smartphone as a universal remote is nothing new. However, a remote that runs a smartphone OS like Android (specifically version 2.1) and has the ability to manage your home theater gear (up to 50 devices!) over Wi-Fi, IR, or RF is. So no matter where you are in the house Conspin’s ANDI-ONE [PDF] has you covered.

In addition to ANDI-ONE’s ability to run Android apps and display infotainment widgets like a photo slideshow, clock, weather, or news headlines on its capacitive 3.5-inch touchscreen when docked in its cradle, the Aluminum enclosed remote can also playback media to a TV via HDMI. It even supports calls over Wi-Fi thanks to its built-in mic.

Price and availability: not available at this time, but lets hope the Korean maker brings the device stateside soon. [via]

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